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Scary Puzzle Games
Urbex Urbex
Urban Exploration or UrbEx for short is a game based on exploration of decaying man made s...
Synapsis Synapsis
David Carter found a quaint little box of puzzle to play with but the sinister box impriso...
Awe The Beckoning Awe The Beckoning
The house beckons you to step right in.. just as it has done to many others who never emer...
The Outsider The Outsider
A point and click creepy game is based on a short story with the same name 'The Outsi...
Deadmen Deadmen
The Mafia suspects you are skimming off on their profits. You need to tell them exactly wh...
Horror Plant Horror Plant
A wicked experiment backfires and creates a monster plant that feeds on the dwarf populati...
Alice is Dead 3 Alice is Dead 3
The final episode of this series.. This is the time for vengeance and the scary truth to e...
Hellgate Escape Hellgate Escape
Stuck somewhere between reality and dreams you have to find your way out of this scary gam...
Alice is Dead 2 Alice is Dead 2
Continuing with the events in part one..can you make sense of this scary wonderland madnes...
Arrival in Hell 2 Arrival in Hell 2
Fighting off a demonic beast and surviving, you are still within the confines of the priso...
The Mold The Mold
Slightly graphic intensive, Solve all the puzzles of mysterious and horrible place. Get ou...
Saw 4 Trapped Saw 4 Trapped
You are detective Hoffman, staying true to this genre, the life of two man have been place...
DayMare Town 3 DayMare Town 3
After a serious accident you end up in hospital with serious injuries. Waking up you decid...
Arrival in Hell 1 Arrival in Hell 1
You are a prisoner trapped in a real nightmare. Kill the brutal monster that haunts the p...
Foreign Creature 2 Foreign Creature 2
Play as an alien sent to earth with the single purpose of breeding an army of aliens by in...
Alice is Dead - EP 1 Alice is Dead - EP 1
Alice is dead.. How did she die? Well for starters, figure your way out of wonderland by p...

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